June 11, 2020

Jumping on the mobile food service trend is definitely one of the best ways to disrupt the food industry in this day and age. With the increasing prices in rent and kitchen equipment, having a food truck seems to be the most economical option in most cases. 

Beyond the logistics, it’s fun, challenging, and incredibly easy to advertise—which is why operating a food truck can be a great business opportunity for the savvy entrepreneur. In order to fully utilize the opportunity, however, you’ll still need to grab the attention of your potential customers from the spotlight of more “traditional” restaurants. 

In order to help you in this regard, here are four marketing tips all beginner mobile food services should follow to get ahead in the industry.

Create a catchy name

One of the first and most important things you’ll have to do before you open is to create a catchy and memorable name. No matter how good the concept of your food truck is or how good your food tastes, without a good name, you simply won’t get to attract any customers. Beyond the initial pull, however, your “regular” customers won’t have any other way to remember your truck—especially since mobile trucks move around on the daily. 

Develop an online presence

In today’s world, any business without a basic online presence will immediately get booted out of the competition. The online world provides a huge potential audience base for any business, which is why getting a foothold can at least boost your marketing strategies even a little bit.

Social media accounts will be your best friend in the mobile food industry. This can easily improve the online rankings of your food truck and get you within the scope of potential consumers. By showcasing your products through artful pictures on your social media account, you can easily create a living advertisement that will grow and spread on its own.

Go on regular routes

The trouble with not having a physical location is that it can be hard for your consumers to find you when they need a bite. You can easily resolve this issue by taking on a regular route every day. This way, you can develop a regular customer base that expects you to be in an area at specific times.

You can also utilize your online presence. By posting your route and schedule online, you can inform your regular customers where you are on a regular basis. Beyond this, you can also utilize local SEO strategies to pull in nearby customers to take notice of your food truck business.

Utilize giveaways and promotions

Having numerous giveaways and promotions can also help market your food truck. By giving away some promo items, you can have your consumers flaunting your business brand for an instant free advertisement. 

You can also have regular promotions on certain days to entice customers to return at a specific time or day—like Buy 1, Take 1 Wednesdays, or Free Drink Fridays. This may seem like an added cost, but it can easily increase traffic on slow days and sell iinventory easily in order to avoid waste.


Owning a mobile food service is a great business venture, but only if your consumers know about it. By creating a well-formulated Local SEO marketing strategy, you can get your business to the forefront of the industry to attract customers and get you that ROI.

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June 11, 2020




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