July 24, 2020

In recent times, the data shows that the food truck business is now a mainstream industry.

According to IBISWorld, the food truck industry alone is worth $857 million, with 9.3% annual growth. The good news is that the industry is supported by greater purchasing power from consumers who are able and willing to spend more for pricier gourmet options. However, this also means that competition is very fierce, and it can be difficult for smaller businesses to carve their own space.

This begs the question, “How can a newcomer stand out?”

Before the digital age, independent local food businesses relied solely on print media advertising, walk-in traffic, and strategic locations. While these are still important considerations to help a business succeed, recent developments in the digital marketing space can offer a way for small food truck owners to stand out.

In this article, we will share four actionable tips to start promoting your food truck business online:

Claim your business on Google

It is said that 46% of all searches in Google are looking for local businesses. In fact, “Near Me” and “Close by” searches grew by more than 900% in 2018. Without even getting a website, you can put your food truck on the map by claiming your establishment on Google My Business. This will allow your business to appear on the map whenever a customer searches “Food Trucks near me.” furthermore, make sure to upload and update your information so that customers can easily find you.

Create a website and optimize for local SEO

Claiming your business on Google My Business is a great first step. However, if you truly want to drive customers from local searches, you’ll want to build a website and tailor its content for your local customers.

This is particularly important because, as a brick and mortar establishment, you’ll want to drive actual foot traffic, not just engagement numbers. If you do not have the expertise in this aspect, you can always enlist the services of a web design service provider. Although it may be costly initially, it will be an investment that is guaranteed to drive more traffic when done correctly.

Start building your social media presence

If you’re a food truck owner managing your social media account in your spare time, it’s best to concentrate on one or two social media sites and update them regularly.

One of the most effective ways to drive engagement in social media is to hold giveaways and contests. For example, a complimentary snack in exchange for a follow or an honest review is a great way to engage your followers. You can even hold a contest for customers to try and make a spin out of your present menu, and the winner gets a simple reward like a coupon and to see their recipe on your food truck. Doing this creates a ripple effect that compensates you for the cost of the reward you’re giving away.

Make more video content

There’s no denying that consumers today love video. As much as 54% of consumers expected to see more video content from a brand they patronize, and 87% of marketers use video as a marketing tool. Your video content can be anything from simple cooking tutorials to daily vlogs giving customers an insight into the daily life of being a food truck operator. There’s no limit to the themes that you can use!


Now is the right opportunity to spend some time advertising your business online. With fierce competition in the industry, a carefully crafted digital marketing strategy is one of the best ways to stand out. While it can feel overwhelming to run a digital marketing campaign and a food truck business at the same time, keep in mind that small efforts often go a long way. The best way is to pace yourself and strategize which items you can prioritize with your available time and resources.

If you’re looking for a professional SEO agency in Houston to help promote your food truck online, we’ve got your back. If you focus on improving your food art, we’ll focus on getting the customers to you. Get in touch with us today!

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July 24, 2020




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