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Social Media

June 8, 2020
Food trucks have been taking over the food industry in different parts of the world, showing no signs of stopping. In most cities, you can find a colorful array of food trucks, all offering deliciously distinct options for every type of craving. 

Seeing how it’s steadily rising as a profitable business model, finding ways to stand out from the crowd is crucial if you want to invite more hungry customers to check out your spot in town. In this digitally-oriented landscape, improving your social media presence is more crucial than ever if you want to boost your visibility.

With that in mind, the tried-and-true tips below should help garnish your digital marketing efforts and ensure your business can thrive off and online. 

Tip #1: Choose the Best Platform For Your Social Media Efforts 

It’s easy to think that signing up on all possible social media channels will widen your reach, but the wiser move is to understand which platforms are the most suitable for your brand and target audience. This ensures that your efforts are delivered effectively, especially when you consider how each platform caters to different market segments.

Twitter was the platform that made food trucks trending, and it remains an excellent channel for delivering alerts and quick promos and catches attention to your current location in real-time. Facebook, on the other hand, is excellent for tapping into a broader audience, allowing you to engage with more potential customers. 

Other must-have platforms include Instagram, which is the perfect avenue for displaying “insta-worthy” shots of your best-sellers, feature reviews, and visually engaging clips of your different locations. 

Tip #2: Have Easy-to-Digest Objectives with Social Media 

Creating different social media accounts without a clear set of goals is a recipe for a digital marketing disaster. A social media campaign can only be successful if it aligns with your business goals, so be sure to understand precisely what you want to accomplish with social media.

Social media can expand your customer loyalty, enhance your brand, or drive sales, so knowing your primary objective will help you create a stronger campaign that hits your goals.

Tip #3: Utilize Geo-targeting Features to Advertise Your Food Truck

The food truck business is quickly becoming a tight, competitive crowd, so you need to ensure your local advertising is on point if you want to stand out. Posting at the right time with the right features, such as geo-targeting, can help display your unique menu to curious customers within your local area. 

While marketing globally can help build your online prominence, giving equal importance to your local SEO can invite more leads to line up outside your food truck. 

The Bottom Line 

Food trucks cater to hungry customers looking for quick and satisfying meals, boosting the trend for fast food gourmet in different cities. Improving your social media presence is vital to ensure that your customers know exactly where you’ll be parking next. 

If you’re looking to enhance your online prominence for your food truck business, we’re the best SEO agency in Houston to call. We understand all the best ingredients of a successful social media strategy, so get in touch with us today at 409-923-8571!

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June 8, 2020


Social Media


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