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Expand Your Marketing Campaign With Managed PPC Services.


Comprehensive Social Marketing

Sure, you can implement a social media management contract that focuses on only one platform, but that would mean you're missing out on potential business avenues.

Our team offers social media management packages that include everything you can think of, such as:

Instagram Marketing

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram Advertisements

Pinterest Marketing

Custom Photography

LinkedIn Marketing

Optimized Social Blogs

We make sure to set you up with all of the social media tools you need in order to craft a successful social marketing campaign.

Get Your Ads in Front of More Potential Customers

Reach more clients with a targeted Paid-Per-Click campaign. These ads show up on others' websites, such as social media or blogs, tailored to meet potential customers who can benefit from your services. Managed PPC from paid search agencies like XPM Agency develop and execute marketing campaigns for you.

XPM Agency is Houston-based. You can talk with a real person to get started integrating PPC Advertising in your marketing plan. Capitalize on their familiarity with your local clientele. Tailored ads for your small business website visitors will encourage more interaction.

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What Is PPC?

PPC, or Pay-Per-Click, advertising is an effective form of internet advertising in which a company designs ads to be hosted on other websites. These ads are then presented to visitors, typically based on their previous search history or related keywords. Each time a website visitor clicks on an ad from your website, the hosting site earns a small fee and you get a new visitor.


Every Aspect of Chiropractic Marketing, Covered

When it comes to marketing your chiropractic clinic, you deserve to work with a team that doesn't run out of chiropractic marketing ideas. The team at XPM Agency is that team. We help you with every aspect of advertising for chiropractors, ensuring that nothing gets left out. Work with us and enjoy solutions, such as:

  • Social media marketing strategies
  • Website design and development
  • Local marketing campaigns
  • Search engine optimization
  • Pay per click advertising
  • Content creation

And so much more!

With our team, you're receiving a truly robust marketing campaign that makes sure your chiropractic office brings in clients for years to come.

Expand Your Online Marketing with PPC Advertising

Expanding your online presence can bring new clientele to your small business. Targeted ads can reach more than just local customers. These ads bring awareness of your brand to customers who have searched for similar brands, expanding your digital reach.

Managed by Experts

With the expertise of a paid search agency at your disposal, integrating PPC advertising is seamless. From setup to upkeep, XPM Agency will handle the ins-and outs-of your PPC endeavors. Hiring a marketing agency is like adding a marketing department to your company--they handle the work and bring you the results.

Experts are familiar with the terminology and methods for getting the best combinations of prices, clicks, and difficulty for your keywords. There's no guesswork for them--just results. When things need to be recalibrated, it won't be your job to steer into a new direction. XPM Agency takes on the responsibility of implementing and adjusting PPC advertising, so you get the most efficient, profitable ads for your website.

Collectible Data

With PPC you will get information about how well your ads are performing. From this information, you can infer who is looking at your products and services. You will also learn about how they interact with your information. This data can be applied elsewhere in your marketing plans as you get to know your customers and their pain points better.

More Time for You

By outsourcing marketing, you gain more time to concentrate on the aspects of your business with which you are familiar and already involved in. Learning the ins-and-outs of digital marketing can be time-consuming, but with XPM Agency on your side, you'll save that time to do what you want to be doing, while PPC advertising is handled by the experts.

Get What You Pay For

Paying for PPC services gives you a certain amount of control over cost. Each click will come with a fee. Management by a marketing agency can help you modulate exposure and cost for the best balance.

Get Started with Managed PPC Advertising

Putting your ads in front of more potential customers has never been easier than with managed PPC advertising. Work with XPM to create a PPC campaign that meets your budget needs and reaches the scope you want.

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